What Are The Most Popular Holiday Destinations In The World?


From sunny summer holidays lying under palm trees to embracing the chilly depths of a gorgeously glacial landscape, one person's idea of the best holiday destination in the world can differ hugely from another’s. Ask yourself this? Do you like relaxing by the beach, lounging in a poolside villa, exploring the cultural sights on a city break or feeling the chill on a sporty, ski holiday? Or do you want to experience all of the above?
In 2017, ABTA - the Association of British Travel Agents - released research showing that Brits have taken more holidays in past 12 months than at any point since 2011. So, if there’s one thing's clear, it’s that we love our time away. But with so many different options all around the globe, when choosing where to go, how do you make such an important decision? A decision that can also be made even more challenging if you take into account any health implications of travelling abroad. If you or someone you know is living with a pre-existing medical condition, chances are you’ll definitely be thinking about your options for health travel insurance. And that’s where we come in.
Insurance Choice is here to help take any stresses away when it comes to choosing your next big adventure abroad. Offering various policies covering all types of medical conditions, we let you focus your efforts on finding that next great holiday. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world...

What is the most popular holiday destination?


Budapest, Hungary

As the place to be right now, Budapest is welcoming soaring levels of tourism each and every day. And it’s not hard to see why. Nicknamed as the city of the spas and hosting a range of beautiful architectural styles, there’s something for every holidaymaker in this intriguing city.  No matter if you’re seeking a city with reliable and well-functioning travel options with a penchant for order and cleanliness or an unpredictable centre of urban grit and exciting chaos, you’ll find both worlds within close proximity of each other.
Voted as the best European destination in 2019, Budapest is indeed proving itself as the most popular holiday destination in recent times.

What is the #1 tourist destination in the world?


Paris, France

Paris may be famous for its less than friendly attitude and hectic levels of driving - particularly around the Champs Elysee – but don’t let that put you off. This bustling capital city saw 17.95 million international visitors in 2018 alone. The capital of baguettes, cheese and wine is one of the most culturally and historically rich cities in this world.  Stroll along the Seine or get lost amongst its classic buildings, some of which are centuries old.
And as a Brit-loving capital, when you look at the beauty of this popular European city, you’ll soon see why. With architecture greats to go and visit – from the world-renowned Eiffel Tower to the stunning works of art at the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay – to the natural splendour and colourful landscape of the Luxembourg Gardens, there is a whole world to explore.
According to the UNWTO Tourism Highlights report, France itself welcomed 86.9 million tourists in 2017, making it the top tourist destination in the whole entire world. It’s a ‘oui’ from us.

What's the most visited city in the world?

Bangkok, Thailand

Welcoming 21.98 million visitors in 2018 alone, Bangkok is currently the most visited city on the globe. As the largest and most developed city in Thailand, it houses a whole world of stunning delights. With ancient cultural traditions blended into the modern mix of city life, there’s a reason holidaymakers keep coming back year after year. From dazzling temples to floating markets and the taste of delicious local culinary flavours, there’s a great deal to explore.
There’s also a range of entertainment for visitors to indulge in, no matter if you want to shop till you drop at Siam Square, experience the nightlife in Khao San Road, or sit back and enjoy a river cruise along the Chao Phraya River, complete with magnificent views. Bangkok definitely looks set to keep enticing tourists for the foreseeable future.
It can also be an expensive place to seek treatment for medical conditions, even if they’re pre-existing. So make sure you’re protected by purchasing health travel insurance before you go. You wouldn’t want any unexpected doctor’s or hospital costs to ruin such a special trip away.

What are the top 5 tourist destinations?

 Person walking through airport with suitcase trailing in sunset


Whether you want a relaxing holiday or you fancy a road trip of epic proportions, Iceland makes for a top holiday hotspot. And if your ideal destination combines a blend of sinking into hot springs, discovering magnificent mountain ranges and walking under cascading waterfalls - Iceland plays host to some of the most beautiful ones around - look no further than this top tourist destination.
If you plan a visit between April to September, you may even be lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights - a true once-in-a-lifetime experience - and one that tourists can’t seem to get enough of.
Tourism is climbing year on year, so even though temperatures might plummet in the winter months, Iceland is up there as one of the hottest holiday destinations. It’s also ranked as 9th in the world when it comes to international openness, so there’s no better time to wrap up warm and head to one of the most friendly tourist destinations around.

Istanbul, Turkey

For a top city trip, Istanbul is the destination to head to. Split into three areas of discovery on the European side; the Old City, former European quarter, and the Bosphorus, most tourists spend an average of 5 days exploring the historic streets and vibrant, artistic architecture. With famous attractions such as the romantic Basilica Cistern, the breath-taking Aya Sofya and the must-see Topkapi Palace, it’s not difficult to see why Istanbul welcomed 12.8 million international visitors in 2018 alone, with the number of British tourists increasing by 6.07 per cent compared to the same period in 2017.
It’s also easy to get to. Depending on where you’re visiting from, Istanbul offers up travel options in abundance. From bus and train to boats and flights - Turkish Airlines has good connections from all around the world. Just make sure you’ve got your health travel insurance in place before heading off on your city break - you’ll even be able to claim if you need to postpone or cancel your holiday due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is having a moment. And when it comes to top tourist destinations, this trendy city has a lot to offer. As a clean, green, compact city, Copenhagen showcases quirky Danish design and fashion across the city, as well as top tourist attractions from the distinctive old Royal Danish Theatre to the impressive BLOX, a hub of cultural creativity. The Danes are as welcoming as they come. They’ve been voted as the happiest people in the world, after all.
The best time of year to appreciate a slightly quieter city scene, as well as cheaper rates is between March and May. If you’re seeking the warmth of the summer sun and a whole host of vibrant events, your best bet is to visit between June to August. Whenever you choose to visit, make sure you take out non-standard pre-existing medical travel insurance, so you can have full peace of mind as you soak up all the sights.

Bali, Indonesia

Voted as the world’s favourite destination in the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2017, Bali is a truly blissful destination. Due to its sheer popularity in the current climate, central Bali can sometimes come across as a little too touristy, but it’s a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. In 2017, the number of British tourists visiting Bali increased, with Head of the Bali Central Statistical Agency, Adi Nugroho Nugroho highlighting that “Great Britain ranked fourth among the 10 largest contributors of tourists.”
The beauty of Bali lies in its breath-taking beaches, rugged mountain landscapes and glistening temples. But it's not just about sinking your toes into velvety white sand; there is also an array of hidden black-sand coves to explore.
Take it from Lonely Planet, who describes Bali as fun, “no matter what you want or who you are.” When strolling around the captivating streets, you can enjoy peace of mind by taking out pre-existing medical travel insurance so you can fully enjoy Bali’s stunning scenery without worrying about a pre-existing condition holding you back.

Where is the best place to take a holiday this year?


Marrakech, Morocco

Top of your list should be the stylish city destination of Marrakech in Morocco. It makes for a popular holiday destination for Brits, due to its welcoming heat outside of the British summer season. And this spectacular city provides a whole world of exciting and unique offerings, from the green cacti residing in the YSL Museum to Marrakech's historic Medina, a truly cultural centre and unique UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Marrakech also hosts the Oasis Festival, which takes place annually in September. Nestled on the outskirts of the city, it “offers the perfect fusion of festival and holiday.” If all-day and all-night dancing isn’t your thing, just imagine a whole world of vivid colour as you stroll around, from spectacular souks housing and all sorts of rich goods to bright blue riads sitting vibrantly around every corner.
When travelling to such an intoxicating destination, just make sure you’ve got your health travel insurance in place before jetting off. Designed to keep you covered for any pre-existing medical condition and non-standard illness you’re already facing, you can relax in the knowledge you’re protected while wandering around this incredible city.

What’s the best undiscovered beach destination?

Cape Verde

Gradually growing in interest as a holiday hotspot, the golden sands and lapping cobalt shores of Cape Verde make for the ultimate escape. Between the years of 2004-2016, Cape Verde’s search interest went up by a whopping 3000%. Not bad for an island country sitting in the central Atlantic Ocean. Located past Morocco and Mauritania, and made up of 10 volcanic islands, there is beauty to be found in every one of its sun-baked corners.
According to the Telegraph, it’s also a massively underrated winter sun holiday destination. From its year-round sunshine to its easy access from the UK, Cape Verde is a cultural hub of colonial heritage. Throw friendly locals and a multifaceted music scene into the mix and you've got the best holiday destination for the UK’s cooler months.
It also provides a backdrop of blissful beauty and offers its visitors to chance to soak in all of its glory on various hiking trails - some of the best being in Santo Antao. It may not yet be known as the most popular tourist destination, but with beach holiday islands increasing in their appeal, it won’t be long before tourism booms even more on this little slice of island paradise. The island of Maio, in particular, could well become the next top beach destination for sun-worshipping holidaymakers.
No matter what type of holiday you choose - from a cultural city break to a sun-drenched beach getaway - it’s important to make sure you’re adequately covered for your time away from home.
With 15% of British people taking a trip abroad in 2017, and 42% taking a holiday both at home and abroad, take it from us here at Insurance Choice - we know the hassle that might arise from travelling with a pre-existing, non-standard medical condition, and we’re here to help take that hassle away.
We’re specialists in providing health travel insurance and can talk you through a range of different policies to cover all sorts of medical conditions. Don’t delay - get a quote today and start planning a trip to one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Where will you go this year?