Winter car services to offer at your garage


We all know that once the warm weather ends, drivers start to think seriously about whether their vehicle is prepared for winter. This soon leads to a long line of customers looking to book their cars in before the cold weather hits.

So, what types of winter car services are you offering at your garage? Could you be missing out on vital business? Take a look at our guide to winter service packages you might want to offer, and check if you’re providing your customers with the service they crave.

Winter time can be hazardous for a whole range of reasons, so finding the best motor trade insurance to protect you and your employees is a vital part of doing business safely. Give the Insurance Choice team a call today

Shorter days and frosty mornings are the perfect time to encourage customers to get their car checked. Most garages will already be offering common services like MOTs and repairs, with some offering paint work and accident repairs, too. But are there other services you could promote during this season? Let’s take a look.

Winter car check

Whether a driver is simply between services or setting off on a long journey many like to have the piece of mind that having an expert look over their car brings. Offering a quick, low cost and convenient winter car check is a great way to get people through the door. It could include any or all of the following:

  • Headlight and brake light check – From blown bulbs to a faulty switch, problems with lights in winter will soon put a car off the road.
  • Wiper blade condition check – Worn wiper blades will leave a driver struggling to see in the rain or snow. It’s a fast, easy fix for you to offer.
  • Windscreen chip check – In freezing winter weather, a chipped windscreen can become fragile and lead to bigger cracks.
  • Tyre depth and pressure check – Wear and damage is all too easy for people to miss and is dangerous in cold weather.
  • Brake check – On icy roads the condition of brakes is an obvious concern. Offering to check the braking system to help customers stay safe on the road is always welcome.
  • Steering and suspension check – Steering problems can drive customers round the bend while suspension problems can make for uncomfortable driving. Make someone’s life that bit easier by checking them out. A no-obligation quote could win you the work.
  • Battery health check – On cold winter mornings drivers need a decent battery to get them going. If you find one in need of replacement your customers will thank you for helping them avoid a breakdown somewhere wintery and far from home.
  • Oil level check – Even decent engine oil can play up on the coldest days.
  • Screen wash top up – Remembering to top up screen wash is a small yet vital job. Could this be something you offer for free?
  • Climate control checks – Driving in a car with misty or icy windows without a working heater is no fun and can be dangerous. Check the system, vents and filters.
  • Coolant check – Another area that’s often missed until it’s too late. Many customers don’t see its importance and may not even know that certain engines need certain coolants.

Providing a winter check is also a good way to set up an MOT due date reminder for later in the year.

A person using a tool to check the tread depth of a tyre

Car safety inspection

Safety problems can occur at any time of year but are particularly worrying for people during the winter months. Whether someone’s just bought a used car or has started to hear a mysterious noise, by checking the roadworthiness of a customer’s vehicle you can really put their mind at rest.

When it comes to safety, trust is all important. So, make the safety inspection as comprehensive as possible. From the horn to the exhaust system and everything in between!

Repair check

As people head into the festive season when money can get tight, many just want a heads up about any potential future repairs. Knowing you might have a mechanical fault develop in the next couple of months is a help when budgeting.

If an engine fault has developed then you might have to perform a diagnostic check. These can cost, so be upfront with customers about that potential outlay.
Body repair check

When a minor bump or scrape first happens it’s easy for customers not to notice the amount of damage caused. However, if damage is allowed to fester through the winter, by the time spring comes around rust could have set in. Making customers aware of the need to remedy these small bumps before they get worse is a good idea – particularly if you have the facilities for paint and body repair.

Car collection service

Many garages offer a car collection service. But if you transport customers' vehicles then always check you’re covered against risks on winter roads. From freezing temperatures and wind to snow and ice, winter driving conditions can mean we’re all more prone to accidents. With that in mind, speak to your motor trade insurance provider to check you’ve adequate cover.

A garage worker handing the keys of a car back to a car owner

Motor trade insurance from Insurance Choice

Whatever the time of year, here at Insurance Choice we realise the importance of arranging the right insurance for your motor trade business. That’s why our wide range of motor trade insurance policies are designed to meet the unique demands of your business.
We can offer insurance policies that include:

  • Road risk cover for the motor trade
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  • Cover for car valets
  • Cover for mechanics
  • Cover for collection and delivery

We’ve been in the business of providing insurance to the motor trade for over 20 years. So we know the importance of offering useful solutions during tough times.
To help businesses manage their finances we can also offer flexible payment options, which could include spreading the cost of your insurance in monthly instalments.

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