How to market your hair and beauty business online


According to the hair and beauty trade body NHBF there are an estimated 43,000 hair and beauty businesses in the UK. Each one of these is at the very heart of its local community. Offering a much-needed space for friends to talk and unwind and get some well-deserved pampering. While these salons have higher business survival rates, compared to other sectors, many of them are small businesses and during turbulent times come under threat.

That’s why arranging the correct commercial insurance is so important when protecting your business – both for you, your staff and the customers who rely on you to be there in good times as well as bad.

As the NHBF points out, over half of these businesses have an annual turnover of less than £99,000. This means many could find it difficult to survive a financial shock.

But protecting your salon through sensible business management is only part of the story. If you don’t market yourself correctly then you could be missing out on valuable business opportunities. While word of mouth and traditional advertising do still have a place, in this competitive market you need a strong online presence to get ahead.

However, the ever-changing online world can be confusing. While a social media tool works well one month it could change dramatically by the next. Do you have the time, money and drive required to keep up to date on the latest developments?

To give you a helping hand, here at Insurance Choice Commercial we’ve put together some top tips on marketing your hair and beauty business online.

1. Keep branding consistent

Salons are all about beauty and you’ll have spent money and many hours refining your branding for your salon premises from eye-catching window displays to the perfect team outfits. What a shame to waste it all by having a so-so website or Facebook page that doesn’t live up to the hype.

A clear, consistent message across both your online and offline business is essential. And this goes for the mobile version of your website, too. With so many clients now wanting to book appointments using their phones, you need to make sure your website is optimized for the small screen, too.

A clean and tidy hair salon with three chairs in-front of a long mirror

2. Stay professional

The online world can sometimes feel a bit like the wild west, and while we have our own social media accounts, it’s all too easy to blur the lines between business and personal.

To market your business effectively you need that personal touch but must always keep it professional. A good way to do this is to develop an online social media marketing policy and make sure all the staff stick to it.

3. Capitalise on video

Hair and beauty are a perfect fit for video and with YouTube and Instagram so powerful in the online world it seems silly to ignore this fantastic opportunity. People love seeing other people’s hair cut and dyed, or extensions put in, or nail accessories glued on, so give clients a glimpse behind the scenes.

Why not show off your skilled staff and your wonderful clients (with their permission)? Better still, get your clients to share the videos on their own Facebook or Instagram pages to attract even more customers.

4. Quality content is queen

If you’re someone with a passion for writing then use their skills to give some oomph to your ranking on Google with a salon blog. If search engines see you’ve got regularly updated content on your site that people enjoy, it’ll send you much higher in the search results.

This is part of a process called search engine optimisation (SEO) whereby you increase the visibility of your website to users so more people visit.

Getting to the top of Google rankings is the goal of any successful SEO campaign. If your salon isn’t near the top in a local search, then the chances of people visiting your website is rapidly reduced.

Your customers and the wider world are always on the lookout for well written tips and advice on all things hair and beauty – so why can’t it be you that gives it to them?
A man writing an SEO diagram with what it features on a clear screen in red marker pen

5. Don’t forget the #hashtag

When it comes to promoting your salon on social media, hashtags are fundamental to success and celebrating your content.

First popularised on Twitter, they’ve now become common throughout social media from Pinterest to LinkedIn. Mastering the use of hashtags gives you a powerful way to engage your audience and increase your impact at no extra cost.

6. Embrace email

The humble email newsletter may not be the most glamorous online marketing technique but it’s still very popular. It can be particularly effective as your customers know and trust you. A new service, treatment or discount are all ideal for inclusion in a regular email.

You can also use them to send appointment reminders or even an offer as a birthday treat. Never miss an opportunity to build on customer loyalty online. Just make sure you have your customers’ consent to send them marketing news and offers.

7. Show your community spirit

People love to support local businesses and particularly if those businesses reciprocate.

If you’re involved in any community events or initiatives be sure to make it known online. And in this time of public health warnings, it’s vital to tell customers what you’re doing to keep them safe as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just as by arranging adequate commercial insurance, you need to make sure customers feel safe and reassured in your salon – to feel that at least some things are returning to normal.
A hair dresser curling a customers hair at a hair salon

Commercial insurance cover

No matter how fantastic your website or how viral your latest video, if you don’t protect your business with commercial insurance, you’re leaving yourself open to disaster.

At Insurance Choice Commercial, we’ve spent over 20 years arranging competitive specialist insurance and understand the risks involved in running a hair and beauty business. Our dedicated team can arrange insurance tailored to your individual needs.

Insurance policies arranged through Insurance Choice Commercial could cover:

●     Buildings and contents
●     Business interruption
●     Employers’ liability up to £10million
●     Public and product liability up to £5million

Get a quick quote for commercial insurance today.

Policy benefits, features and discounts offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.