Where are the best locations to buy a holiday home in the UK?


Staycations are getting more popular in the UK. Uncertainty over Brexit, a weaker pound and the desire for more convenience have led many holidaymakers to stay put rather than jetting off for a break overseas.
It’s a wise move. Once you start travelling around the UK, you realise just how many stunning locations there are to choose from. From sandy beaches as far as the eye can see in Wales to enchanted hidden forests in Yorkshire – why look abroad for your holiday home?
According to data from Visitbritain.org, 45.2 million holiday trips were taken in England last year. That’s a lot of holidays – and a lot of holiday homes in demand in the UK.
Owning a holiday home is not only handy when you want to escape to a home away from home, it can also be a smart financial decision. And with specialist holiday home insurance your holiday home will be protected all year round.
Plus, it’s a great way to start appreciating what’s right on your doorstep.
But before you choose where to buy a holiday home in the UK, you need to ask yourself the killer question: where do you want to go to get away from it all?

Where is the best place to have a holiday home?

Location is an important part of the decision-making process when buying a holiday home in the UK. You want to get it right.
But finding the perfect holiday home location is no easy task.
For some people, a holiday isn’t complete without a sea breeze. Take your pick from little villages, gorgeous bays and dramatic cliffs. Think beyond the seagulls, deckchairs, Butlins and 99 flake ice creams, and you’ll soon realise how much choice there is.
Cornwall and Devon are favoured by many holidaymakers looking for a seaside getaway, but there are plenty of other locations with equally stunning coastlines. Margate in Kent, Brighton in Sussex, Whitby in Yorkshire, Skegness in Lincolnshire, and Tenby in Pembrokeshire have all seen considerable regeneration in recent years and all have a lot to offer people looking to buy a holiday home in the UK.
A holiday home in one of the UK’s cities is another option. A modern apartment in a bustling city centre such as Edinburgh or Bristol has a lot to offer. City breaks can be as romantic, busy or cultural as you want – and with more properties available you might find yourself spoilt for choice.
Or, if you are looking for something more rural, the British countryside is a wonder in every season. Whether you’re eyeing up the Cotswolds, the Yorkshire Dales or the Scottish Highlands as your holiday home destination, there are plenty of rural retreats to offer some well-deserved respite from busy lives.
A holiday home in the UK countryside has a lot to offer – cosy cottages, medieval villages, walks in the hills, and a good number of excellent public houses to help you on your way. Choosing a rural holiday home means you can get off the beaten track and find your perfect bolthole.
Luckily, even though finding the perfect holiday home might be hard, getting the right holiday home insurance doesn’t have to be.

Is buying a holiday home a good investment?

Generally, there are two main reasons for buying a holiday home in the UK. The first is because you want a convenient getaway that offers you a different pace of life. The second is that you plan to rent it out to others and want a holiday home as an investment.
Buying a property is one of the most expensive purchases any of us will ever make. Buying a holiday home is no exception – if anything it is likely to be more complex.
Finding specialist holiday home insurance is the easy part. Navigating the tax system is not so simple. Changing tax rules have meant that buy-to-let properties may not be as lucrative as they once were. This has meant holiday lets have become more popular as they have a number of tax advantages over buy-to-let.
Buying and letting a holiday home also gives you higher rental income than a buy-to-let. However, if you are planning to go down this route you need to be prepared that it takes time and hard work to secure those bookings.
And again, your decision depends heavily on location. More expensive areas (Dorset or the South Coast, for instance) will be popular with renters, but may offer less bang for the investor’s buck. While holiday homes in cheaper areas (Wales and Northumberland, for example) often enjoy the best yields.

Where are the most profitable places to buy a holiday home in the UK?

 A view over Bath with a stunning bridge and wide river running under with a small canal boat heading towards itYou want to get the best return on investment and there’s lots of research to help you make your decision.
One study by personal loan provider Hitachi Personal Finance asked Brits where in the world they’d invest in property. The researchers discovered that one in ten of those questioned would choose to own a holiday home right here in the UK.
According to the study, the ten UK holiday home locations that make the most revenue are:
1. Bath £2,221
2. Oxford £2,066
3. Brighton and Hove £2,061
4. London £1,951
5. Cambridge £1,847
6. Edinburgh £1,844
7. York £1,835
8. Inverness £1,778
9. Windsor £1,729
10. Bristol £1,509

Where is the cheapest place to buy property in the UK?

Of course, when buying a holiday home in the UK, you need to find somewhere that will fit your budget. There are a number of budget-friendly places in the UK where you can bag a bargain.
Data from Lloyds Bank has revealed the most affordable UK cities. According to the report, Stirling and Derry are the UK’s affordable locations. With Newry in Northern Ireland, Bradford, Lancaster, Swansea and Aberdeen all making it into the top ten.
However, just because somewhere is affordable, doesn’t mean it will make a good holiday home. You need to weigh up a number of factors before making your decision, considering everything from location and budget to the right holiday home insurance.
Wherever you choose to buy a holiday home in the UK, you want to protect it from the unexpected with holiday home insurance. Most insurers won’t cover a holiday home under a standard policy, but holiday home insurance through Insurance Choice can be tailored to your specific needs.
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