German Christmas Markets


Spending the November and December months in Europe makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Magnificent architecture comes alive with the festive décor and tranquil town squares are transformed into fairytale-esque German Christmas Markets scenes. From Prague to Brussels…and even London, there are a whole host of fantastic Christmas Markets to be explored.

The German Christmas Markets exude Christmas cheer and are ideal for last-minute shopping with friends and family. There are a whole host of stalls which sell everything from home-made Christmas tree decorations and unique craftwork, to traditional foods such gingerbread and more traditional items, including Glühwein.  The ambience of the German markets is further enhanced by the overpowering aromas of Christmas treats and spiced mulled wine and are becoming ever-more popular with tourists travelling from all over the World. There truly is something for everyone of all ages at the markets, from authentic foods and drinks, to hand made toys for those feeling young at heart; it is impossible to not feel Christmassy during your visit.

Our Top 5 German Christmas markets:

  1. Munich: Gothic Munich supplies the idyllic setting for a Winter Wonderland theme, with most of the Christmas markets in the area selling mainly Bavarian goods. In contrast to other German markets, Munich stands out as more of a theatrical town, hosting concerts in the town hall and a whole host of international performances and displays for people to attend freely.
  2. Dresden: Dresden’s Christmas markets date back to 1434 and feature some fantastic traditions, including the Stollen Festival, whereby a stolen cake is paraded round the streets of Dresden and ceremoniously cut and given to members of the public for a small charge. The entire city is overtaken by Christmas and looks just like a Winter Wonderland, with thousands of fairy lights boasting the festive feel.
  3. Rothenburg: Home to narrow, winding streets, Rothenburg is perhaps the most romantic of all the cities hosting Christmas markets. The streets are lined with twinkling fairy lights, although the market is mostly renowned for its delicious culinary goods and the gingerbread is noted as a favourite at the Rothenburg market.
  4. Nuremburg: Providing the perfect backdrop for one of the eldest markets running in Germany, the markets are set against the stunning Alps and the infamous medieval castle perched on top of the Old Town is visible for picture perfect moments. Mass-produced products are not present at any of the Nuremburg markets, and home-made items are always welcomed in an abundance.
  5. Cologne: Last, but by no means least, Cologne welcomes a number of Christmas markets; the most impressive of which is situated beneath the UNESCO World heritage site of Cologne cathedral – stunning all year round, but particularly at Christmas, with it’s Gothic themes.