7 reasons SUVs are so popular


The success of any motor trade business depends on a number of factors – from the quality of the customer service, to the location of the dealership and how easy the business can be found on the internet.

But perhaps the biggest consideration should be the vehicles themselves. Ultimately, success depends on selling what today’s drivers want to buy, at a price that’s right.
You might be considering starting up an auto trade business, or perhaps you’re already running a company and need to drive more sales. Either way, sport utility vehicles (more commonly known as SUVs) are proving extremely popular among drivers in the UK and could help to guarantee a healthy profit if you decide to stock them.
Of course, whichever car types, makes and models you decide to purchase and sell on, you need to make sure all your assets are protected with specialist motor trade insurance.
The Insurance Choice team understands that your business is your livelihood, and we’re committed to arranging a motor trade insurance policy tailored to your individual requirements, for a price that won’t break the bank. Choose us and you’ll enjoy flexible cover and payment options that work for your business.
Before we take a look at some of the reasons SUVs are so popular these days, let’s clear something up…

SUVs and 4x4s: what’s the difference?

A silver SUV driving off road in foggy conditions
As Auto Express explains, SUV is a term used for any car with ‘off-roader-esque styling or features.’ It’s sometimes (incorrectly) used interchangeably with ‘4x4,’ which refers specifically to a car that sends power to all wheels so that traction on uneven or slippery ground is improved.

There are some SUVs with four-wheel drive as standard, but a lot of the popular SUVs offer it either as an option or have it only on the higher-spec versions.
Essentially then, SUVs are cars that have the looks and some features of an off-roader, but are made for everyday driving and driving on a regular basis.

The term ‘SUV’ first became popular in the US in the late 80s to early 90s, but has been increasingly used in Europe and in other countries around the world since the beginning of this century.
Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why SUVs are so popular among drivers:

1. They’re family-friendly

A lot of SUVs on the market have been designed and manufactured with families in mind, especially when it comes to space.

Seven-seater models offer ample room for all family members and their belongings, and even the smaller models (such as the Kia Stonic) are more spacious than the hatchback alternative.


2. They’re practical

Of course, it’s not just families who appreciate a roomy vehicle.

SUVs are also a practical choice for people who may travel a lot to see friends and family; people who enjoy regular holidays in the UK and need space for their bags; or maybe even people who travel with a lot of belongings or items as part of their job.

The fact that SUVs are so spacious both at the rear and in the front can also make them more comfortable on long journeys.

3. Drivers feel safe in them

SUVs aren’t necessarily safer than other vehicle types, but many people tend to feel safer in them (and more confident driving) due to the raised seated position, which grants them better views of the traffic and road ahead.

As well as this, the majority of modern SUVs come fitted with lots of driver-assist and crash-avoidance systems, further improving their safety credentials.
A red SUV parked in-front of some trees

4. They’re good for dog owners

Thanks to their spacious interiors, SUVs make a great option for people who own dogs of any size.

Crates and carriers are easy to install in the rear, while dogs kept behind a guard will have plenty of room to stand up, stretch and lie down.
In fact, in Carbuyer’s list of best cars for dog owners, SUVs take the first and second spot: top is the  Nissan X-Trail SUV, followed by the Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV.

5. They can handle winter driving

Owing to their technology, height and four-wheel drive option (on some models), SUVs are decent at tackling the wet and slippery conditions winter brings, and are also good at navigating the roads in slow and sleet.
LiveAbout explains that while SUVs are notoriously better than rear-wheel drives at dealing with adverse weather conditions, front-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles fitted with quality wheels can be just as good.

6. They’re nice to drive

Drivers who like the very experience of driving won’t be disappointed with the latest SUVs and their turbocharged petrol, diesel or hybrid power.

Certainly, SUVs are bigger and heavier than cars renowned for being fun to drive (like sports cars), but because the latest models are based on the same mechanical parts as regular cars, they don’t drive in the clumsy or slow way drivers may expect.
A Porsche SUV driving down a street in a town with the sea in the distance

7.  There are hybrid and electric options

SUVs can also be a great choice for drivers who are trying to be more eco-friendly. Many of the latest models are offered in hybrid and all-electric options.

With electric vehicles set to become increasingly popular over the next few years, and the UK’s charging infrastructure constantly being developed, it could be an extremely savvy move to stock your forecourt with electric or hybrid SUVs in the coming years.

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