Over 50s and over 60s holiday tours to put on your bucket list


Far from slowing down, the over 50s and over 60s are up for travelling to new places and trying new experiences like never before.
According to recent studies, the over 50s have never been happier, with many feeling they experience a second wind of life at the age of 54.
This new-found lust for life is leading many people to travel to places they’ve never been before and discover the history and culture of different countries around the world. And they’re willing to go with friends or alone.
According to ABTA’s most recent Holiday Habits Report, the trend for solo holidays is on the up. The data reveals that 15% have chosen to go on holiday by themselves in the past 12 months – almost three times more than in 2011 (6%).
If you’re travelling alone, meeting fellow travellers in a similar age bracket is always a bonus. And because people over 50s often have more time on their hands, you are able to spend longer periods of time on holiday.

This means more time for adventures, expeditions and tours. And even if you like your creature comforts, there’s no reason why you have to sacrifice ease and convenience in your new-found lust for life.
You just need to know where to go and what holiday tours to book.

Top holiday tours around the world for over 50s and over 60s

A recent study by Vauxhall Motors revealed the number one holiday destination for over 55s is the Northern Lights. Over half of those questioned (54%) said a holiday to see the aurora borealis was their number one choice of getaway.
Also making an appearance on the over 50’s bucket list were trips on Switzerland’s Glacier Express, wine tasting, a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway, a safari trip and driving down Route 66. Let’s take a closer look at these experiences and the tours you won’t forget.

Northern Lights


Two people sitting on the ground watching the northern lights over a snowy region

It’s no surprise that getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights tops many people’s bucket lists. But this awe-inspiring sight of dancing colours is as elusive as it is beautiful. The question on everyone’s lips is where is the best place to see them? Iceland, Norway, Canada and Alaska are all great spots, but Sweden is prime Northern Lights territory.
Take a tour to the small village of Abisko located in the Skanderna mountain range. With its snowy peaks allowing for clearer skies, it has the perfect Northern Lights viewing conditions. After that, you might want to head south again and visit the famous Icehotel with its artist-designed rooms and ice bar.

The Glacier Express

Dubbed the ‘slowest express train in the world’, the Glacier Express lets you take in Switzerland’s majestic landscape, frozen mountaintops and charming valley villages. Of course, you could see all of those on skis, but why not do it while sitting down sipping champagne instead?
These are the kind of landscapes that need to be digested slowly, and the Glacier Express will take you on an eight-hour journey from St Moritz to Zermatt. Take a tour at the beginning or end of peak season and you’ll avoid the crowds.

Wine tasting in Italy


A scenic landscape over Italy's wine country with a large building and sprawling gardens below

If wine tasting is your thing, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better location than Italy. Fancy some bubbles? Take a tour around the Valdobbiadene Hills, home of Prosecco grape-growing. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, you’ll learn about the history of the region and the secrets of the growers, plus there’ll be plenty of tasting opportunities, too.
And let’s not forget, Italy has the second oldest population in the world (after Japan), with 23% of people aged 65 or older. No doubt something to do with all that wine, wholesome Mediterranean diet, and the locals’ laid-back attitude.

Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian railway spans around 6,000 miles from Moscow to Vladivostock. A trip on the railway takes seven days but you can tailor your tour to take in more of the sights and sounds along the way. Why not add a spot of ice fishing and rafting in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg? Or include a visit to the largest horseman statue in the world in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia?
You can also jump off the train and stay overnight in historic cities, where you can visit natural history museums and marvel at Russia’s cultural treasures.

Going on a safari


A group of elephants walking next to a river in Africa

If you’re an older person keen to go on a safari, you’re not alone. Seeing Africa’s wild animals in real life (not just on the TV) and experiencing a taste of this expansive wilderness is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In two to three weeks, you can cover a huge area and hopefully spot the big five (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo), plus plenty more besides.
You can also take tours that include visiting a traditional Masai village, witnessing the wildebeest migration (aka ‘the greatest wildlife show on earth’), and a hot air balloon ride.

As with any trip to Africa, always get medical advice about the areas you plan to visit and remember travel insurance is compulsory. Get a quick and easy quote on over 50’s travel insurance today.

Driving Route 66

If you’re looking to get your holiday kicks with a road trip, the US is the place for you. A self-drive adventure along America’s Route 66 is the stuff of dreams.

Immortalised in film, song and US folklore, Route 66 is the number one iconic road trip. Starting in Chicago, you’ll take in cowboy culture, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas along the way. And as you pass through deserted towns and stop off in roadside diners, you’re sure to have ‘one helluva ride’ all the way to Santa Monica on California’s sun-drenched Pacific coast.
Taking advantage of group tours for older people means you can balance your budget with your travel wish list, and you get to spend time with like-minded travellers – who knows, they may even become friends?
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