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November 4, 2015

We all know that the 5th November means that thousands of people across the whole of the UK will be celebrating Bonfire Night with fireworks, hot dogs and open fires! The annual celebration commemorates the events of 1605, when Guy Fawkes was caught guarding explosives which had been placed beneath the House of Lords; today known as “The Gunpowder Plot.” The ‘burning of the Guy’ is a popular ritual that many partake in on the 5th November which sees a dummy representing Guy Fawkes being burnt.

Whilst the UK has been known to host some pretty magnificent fireworks displays, many would argue that France is a particularly beautiful spot to catch a glimpse of the illuminating sky on Bonfire Night and many other occasions throughout the year:


Cannes International Festival: Running from 1967, the festival is known for it’s stunning firework displays and is even referred to by locals as the Festival of Pyrotechnic Art. The displays are truly breath taking and involve competitors attempting to provide the most innovative and spectacular display to get top marks from the on looking judging panel. There have been a host of stars in the Pyrotechnic world attend the festival over the years, including Kimbolton from the UK and Parente Fireworks from Italy.

Bastille Day: Bastille Day is celebrated across France and is a festivity of all things French. Thousands of pounds go into the breath taking fireworks display which mark the storming of the Bastille and an end to the monarchy. The 2014 parade took place along the stunning Champs Elysee and provided the perfect back drop to the stunning Eiffel Tower.

Festival Pyromelodigue: The Cote d Azur festival always marks the end of Summer in France, and it truly goes off with a bang! Set on the French Riviera, the Antibes festival illuminates the sky after sunset. The event is free to attend and has three displays throughout summer that the public are free to attend; just take a little money for food and drink.

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Remember, Remember!
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