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Specialist Car Insurance

Specialist car insurance is designed to help you get the cover you need under non standard circumstances such as modified or classic cars, impounded vehicles or maybe you have a previous conviction and need a tailored policy to help you back onto the road.

We understand that ‘off the shelf’ policies rarely fit the needs or requirements of many of our customers, so we strive to search the market, taking into account your personal circumstances, to provide you with our best price.

We will work hard to find the right specialist car insurance policy for you

At Insurance Choice we work hard to understand you, your vehicle and your situation, so we can find the right policy to suit your needs.

We understand that no two individuals are the same, and not least the vehicles they drive, which is why we work with carefully selected insurers to provide our customers with the cover they need.

Specialist Car insurance can include:

  • Impounded cars – 30 days or 1 year cover
  • Telematics schemes for all drivers
  • Modified car cover
  • Cover for convicted drivers
  • Prestige vehicle cover for cars over the value of £40,000
  • Optional add-ons including break down, excess protect and key cover
  • European cover for driving abroad 30 – 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if I modify my Car ? The advise I would give out here is before going ahead and Modifying the car, get an Insurance Quote from your existing insurer or a new quote with another insurer.  Too many customers think its ok to change the wheels of there car and think it’s going to be fine with there insurer.  Most Insurer’s DO NOT Insure Modifications ! ! Once you have had a price and it’s affordable then go ahead and get it done but remember to make sure you let any NEW Insurer know of the changes to your car for future prices.
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